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It has been my quest to cycle around the world for a very long time, although I have ticked off 16 countries to date, I still haven't achieved the ultimate goal of cycling the world. I cannot wait any longer for the conditions to be perfect, age is catching up with me, so it is now or never.

picture drawn by Jim my Step - Father on our trip across Australia

picture drawn by Jim my Step - Father on our trip across Australia
After our trip to Vietnam in 2012.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tipping in the US.


Well the good old U.S of A. is just the same as the last time we visited in 2010. Although I have to admit that the cars are not all monstrous over -sized vehicles and there are a lot more Japanese cars on the roads. 
Cooling off in 38 degree heat.

I haven’t had much to say as the scenery hasn’t changed in about 500kms It is all trees and straight roads in high temperatures.  We have passed through 3 states in 3 days and are headed to the more civilised parts of America and Canada.
These water towers signify a town and we look forward to seeing them rising above the trees.

Lake Superior at Ashland Wisconsin.
There is one thing that is bugging me though. Tipping. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t reward good service it is a cultural norm, - get rid of it. If people need it to supplement their wages then pay them more. If the service deteriorates then people won’t go there and the good places will get all the custom.  New Zealand doesn’t accept tipping, the only people that tip are American tourists, infact it is embarrassing if someone does tip you, what do you do with it? You can’t be seen pocketing money. I find it insulting if someone tips you, I like to do a  good job for my own self respect, and it doesn’t help to make the boss happy so that he doesn’t mind too much when you go off on extended cycling trips.

Anyway we have passed by Lake Superior, the largest body of fresh water in the world, and are on our way to Escanaba  next to lake Michigin. 

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