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Continuing my quest to travel the world.

It has been my quest to cycle around the world for a very long time, although I have ticked off 16 countries to date, I still haven't achieved the ultimate goal of cycling the world. I cannot wait any longer for the conditions to be perfect, age is catching up with me, so it is now or never.

picture drawn by Jim my Step - Father on our trip across Australia

picture drawn by Jim my Step - Father on our trip across Australia
After our trip to Vietnam in 2012.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Trees and Lakes = mosquitos and biting flies.

As soon as we encountered trees again, we encountered biting insects. It lifted my heart to be in trees and beautiful lakes, the scenery was what I was hoping to see in Canada, but then as if the mossies weren't bad enough, the biting black flies became a real problem. They swarm you in a frenzy and if your speed drops below 20km / hr ( like on a rise) they bite in a frenzy as if you are the only human on earth. Their bites are like bee stings. You ride like a demon in the hopes of keeping your speed high, but you don't get a chance to drink and you end up dehydrated and exhausted.
Happy that there are trees again.

Kenora, and the Lake of the Woods area are truly lovely though. It would be nice to stay here out of insect reach and truly savour the beauty.
Lake of the Woods.

We caught up the Jessie and Jackie - who are the instigators of the trans Canada cycling site. It was wonderful to compare stories. They are as nutty about cycle touring as we are.

Jessie ,Jackie, and me.

But now we are at the United States Border and about to embark on our second half of the trip. So goodbye Ontario, we will be back in a little while.

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